Health Alert: Collapsing Trachea

October 23rd, 2007 by Dan

If you have a small or “toy” breed dog and have noticed him making a gagging or retching type of noise he may have what is known as a collapsing trachea. This condition is caused when the cartilage that makes up the rings of the windpipe begin to collapse. It usually happens when the dog is excited. It is believed to be a hereditary condition. Radiographs are sometimes used to diagnose a collapsing trachea and there are many different methods of treatment depending on the severity of the problem. Everything from cough medications to weight loss programs to surgery has been suggested as a treatment for this condition and your veterinarian will give you advice based on your dogs needs. One easy thing you can do for your dog if she has an issue with a collapsing trachea is avoid walking her on a collar- instead use a harness. This will keep pressure off of her windpipe and help prevent any further damage to the cartilage there.

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