When Can I Stop Using The Crate?

September 22nd, 2007 by Dan

This question is one that comes up all the time! There is no one answer, as the age is not set in stone. It honestly depends on the development of your dog and how mature she is. Usually I tell people that your dog is still a “teen” until he has reached the age of 1-2 (or older for giant breeds). Depending on the breed, he may not be ready to be left out for hours unattended until those birthdays pass. When you do decide to take the plunge and allow your pup some freedom, begin with extremely short sessions (while you switch out the laundry or run to the corner store), when not much damage can be done while you are gone. If that is a success, increase the amount of time your dog is left out. Baby gates can be valuable if you choose to keep your dog confined to an area you deem “canine friendly” during this process. Many people also use gating off as an intermediate step between the crate and run of the house.

If you find that your dog can’t handle his new-found freedom, don’t worry- many dogs are destined to be crated! It is SAFER for her, and for your possessions as well!

For info on how to begin crate training your dog, check out this article.

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  1. AnimatedPet Says:

    Our 3-year-old pup has a new soft crate/tent that he’s made into his own fort where he stays to hang around voluntarily when we are away.

    Quite a change from those first two puppy years!

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