Product Review: Big Bully Dog Lead

August 15th, 2007 by Dan

Are you happy with your leash?

We have strong dogs. We do train them to walk with us properly, leaving slack in the leash and without pulling, but when a cat runs by, or something attracts the puppy, they’re off and running. The right kind of collar is important for every dog, regardless of size; leashes are the other half of the equation and are equally important for some.

While Lucian was still young and small (relatively) we used a lightweight nylon lead with a harness, then a regular buckle collar. Those days ended quickly, and he has recently graduated to a pinch collar and heavier leather lead. But not just a typical leather lead: his involves a short traffic handle, and a longer tandem lead.
Big Bully Combo Set

The short traffic lead can be detached to use alone, and the longer piece is adjustable. Now, we have a similar leash for Reef, though it’s smaller and more worn. Leads of this design alone are hard to find, and the quality of this particular one made it stand out instantly to us. The hardware is excellent, the design thorough and durable. Our leash is just starting to feel broken-in after months of heavy use.

You can’t find these leashes in a store- go to this site to see options and prices. The breeders who facilitate vending seem excellent too, by the way.

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