Ask The Dog Guide: Introducing a Puppy into a Single Dog House

August 12th, 2007 by Dan

Question: I have a 2 yr old German Shepherd/Greyhound mix and my roommate just got a 14 week old black lab. How can we safely integrate them into the house together without going crazy!? She thinks it should be accomplished one way and I think another. Help?!

Answer: Well, there are few main points of consideration. We don’t know the sex of each dog, but ideally, this is a male/female combination. Same-sex pairings, especially when not raised together, are usually less harmonious. This is especially true of multiple female dogs. In addition, if your adult dog is comfortable and calm with other dogs, the transition will probably be relatively simple. If she is not, you’ll have to take the time to teach her how to properly interact with dogs, as you also teach the puppy.

One of the most important things you can do is reinforce the 2 year old’s dominant position in the house. He was there first, and will be a little threatened by the newcomer. So make sure he knows there’s nothing to worry about: when they are together, the older one gets treats first, leaves and enters first, is greeted first when you’re coming home, etc. Respect, and teach the puppy to respect, the adult’s bed, toys, etc. Feed them in separate areas.

If they’re interacting with each other fairly well, let them work it out. They might wrestle and chew on each other a little- that’s fine. Don’t be overly protective of the puppy, because those interactions are what teach him how to behave. Also give each one down time; puppy energy is often too much for an adult dog, especially one of that make-up (the Shepherds and Greyhounds I’ve known are certainly not shy about telling puppies to leave them alone). Labs are high-energy dogs, so make sure the puppy has outlets for all that energy so that it’s not consistently directed at the other dog in the house.

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  1. angie cheney Says:

    my 2yr old yorkie has started wee ing around the house since i got my 12wk old dachshund :(

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