Quick Tip: Separation Anxiety

July 31st, 2007 by Dan

Summer often seems an the ideal time to add a new dog or puppy to your household, since most of us have more free time. But did you know that spending all your time with your new furry family member may actually be creating a separation anxiety issue?

If you start out spending every waking moment (and sleeping ones as well!) with the pup, he will soon come to expect that. When the summer break or vacation time is suddenly over and you are back to work, the harsh reality of the situation will set in (as will the barking, howling, destruction, etc). You can prevent separation anxiety from becoming an issue by preventing it from the very beginning. Leave your dog alone for brief and varied periods of time so she gradually becomes accustomed to being by herself. Soon your absence will become a normal part of his routine and nothing to panic about.

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  1. Ask The Dog Guide: Getting A Second Puppy? | Dog Reflections Says:

    [...] As for getting another dog, while I am definitely a proponent of multi-dog households, you *just* brought this very young puppy home. With his age being what it is, he is going to need extra attention, socialization with people and different environments a great amount of care. You and your family need to work on establishing a bond with him through time, affection and training and if you acquire another puppy right now – humans can’t compete with a puppy seeking another pups attention. This situation could prove to cause problems during training, as puppies often mimic what the other does. Also when 2 puppies form a close bond at a young age, issues can occur if they are separated from each other (including inappropriate urination, barking, and separation anxiety). [...]

  2. Coton de Tulear Photo Gallery - Pictures Of Coton de Tulears! | Dog Picture Gallery Says:

    [...] breed) and never tire of you cooing, talking or cuddling with them!  Cotons can have issues with separation anxiety due to all of the attention that they are used to getting.  Make sure that you do let your Coton [...]

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