Product Review: The CoolBed III

July 8th, 2007 by Dan

With a giant breed puppy growing an average of 4 pounds a week during the hot months, overheating is a constant concern. On top of that, the air conditioning in our car is out of commission, so trips out have to be short and strictly monitored. We keep water around all the time for Lucian, and limit his time outside.

The CoolBed III has been a valuable item to have on hand. We simply fill it with water (the colder the better), and put it on the floor or the back carseat. The insulated bed keeps water cool long after it’s filled; we often go days without refilling. The bed stays cooler than a dog’s body temperture, and looks like a mini-waterbed. We thought it would offer a comfortable spot for our pup, and it has lived up to our expectations.

Lucian on CoolBed

We haven’t gotten a cover yet, but they do make a couple different kinds. Lucian seems pretty happy with his bed as is, and will even return there after being on the human bed for a few minutes. He’s rapidly outgrowing his bed (we got the medium size, when he still weighed only 30 lbs. or so), but he doesn’t seem to care!

*Click Here To Order A Small CoolBed III (17×24)
*Click Here To Order A Medium CoolBed III (22×32)
*Click Here To Order A Large CoolBed III (32×44)

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