Breed of the Week: Jack Russell Terrier

July 30th, 2007 by Kathy Hawkins

Jack Russell at door
Photo by Jim Rafferty.

Thanks to Lassie, the collie may be one of the world’s most recognized dog breeds — but the Jack Russell Terrier comes in at a close second place. This small and sprightly breed is just as photogenic as the heroic collie; members of the breed have played large roles in several TV series, most notably as the literary pooch on PBS’s children’s show, Wishbone, and as Martin Crane’s pet dog, Eddie, on Frasier. In the United Kingdom, cooking show host Rick Stein was joined by his Jack Russell, Chalky, for every performance until his death this year — the dog was so well-loved that he even had his own line of beer!

You only need to meet a Jack Russell Terrier once to understand why these little dogs are so popular. Originally bred for hunting foxes, these dogs are as smart and energetic as they come. Jack Russells get along well with children and everyone else they meet, and are fiercely loyal to their families – last month, a Jack Russell Terrier in New Zealand named George made worldwide headlines for sacrificing his life to save a group of children from a pit bull attack, which earned him a posthumous Purple Heart.

The Jack Russell Terrier is named, logically, after a man named Jack Russell, who was a reverend and an avid hunter in the 19th century. Russell began a terrier breeding program to breed a dog that would serve as an expert fox hunter — the dogs resulting from the program became very popular companions on fox hunts. However, researchers believe it is unlikely that any of the dogs known as Jack Russell Terriers today are original descendents from Russell’s line. A similar dog breed is the Parson Russell Terrier — this breed is a more narrowly defined version of the Jack Russell; these dogs are most often seen in dog shows, rather than as family pets or hunting dogs.

Jack Russell running
Photo by drewleavy.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a small dog, but he’s got plenty of energy — he can deal with living in an apartment, but he won’t like it; make sure to take him for a daily walk or two. He’d also love a fenced-in yard where he can run around and chase after birds and squirrels, as he was born to do. It’s important to regularly train and discipline your Jack Russell — if they don’t receive proper attention and discipline, these guys can quickly become unruly, with common behaviors including incessant barking, digging underground, and destroying furniture. But as long as you keep a firm hand with your dog, you’ll be rewarded with a loyal and loving clown of a companion. For a look at how much fun the JRT can be, just check out this video of Vinnie and his favorite stick.

Ready to bring some joy into your life with a new Jack Russell Terrier? Many of these little sparkplugs are living in shelters or with foster families, just waiting for their forever home. Find the one for you through or a breed rescue organization, such as or, and get ready to say hello to an incredible new friend.

Jack Russell sitting
Photo by eviltwin.

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  17. Hannah Says:

    I just read about these wonderful information about JRT, it’s fascinating to hear this active dog is very brave to be hunters too..

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    I would love to take a jack russel and visit de websites mentioned in the article

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    i told my mom if i could have a dog and she said yes and so i need a puppy please and any kind will do.

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