Leaving Your Puppy For The First Time!

June 17th, 2007 by Dan

Yesterday was a big step in severing the virtual umbilical leash between Lucian and ourselves; we went off to a concert in Atlantic City and hired a pet sitter to come in and tend to him twice while we were gone. We were the classic nervous parents, debating whether or not to call to check up and see if the “baby” was doing alright while we were away (we managed to refrain). We prepared his dinner and left it in the fridge, left a detailed note with far too much information about Lucian, and asked a friend to pick him up later in the evening.

Now, this is our job- taking care of other people’s animals, during the day or for longer periods. But, leaving our own pup at home for the first time was much harder than I anticipated. When we arrived home at 1 AM and I went next door to pick him up, he ran down the hall with a big goofy grin and jumped around. He’d been playing with a doggie friend for hours, and slept very well last night.


The night went well, for us and our dogs.

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