Lucian is confused!

May 1st, 2007 by Dan

Since the day he came home, Lucian has been a little confused. While we offer him a myriad of chew toys and stuffies in all shapes and sizes, they only hold his attention for a few brief minutes. You might ask, “What more could a puppy want?” In this case, Lucian’s desires come to fruition in the form of the scratching post, the bobber toy with the little mouse on top and any other cat toy he may find laying in his path. In the morning he happily romps into the living room to discover the bobber where he left it the night before and drags it noisily across the wooden floor. He lays down for a good chew on the scratching post, chewing it with his front teeth only. The funniest part is, he is extremely gentle with all these toys and has not made any effort to destroy any of them. Of course, he’s always very carefully watched during play, but it’s almost as if he doesn’t want to ruin his kitty treasures.
Confused puppy, I say. Let’s see if this feline obsession continues when he is over 100 lbs!

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