The Black Russian Terrier!

The Black Russian Terrier stands out due to its unique facial characteristics (the breed has a “beard” on its head and a “mustache” on its muzzle) and its massive size; to say that it is large is probably an understatement. The Black Russian Terrier has a powerful, muscled body, with solid, strong legs. It has a large head with strong jaws and almond-shaped dark eyes. The body length should be proportionate to its length at withers. The coat of the Black Russian Terrier is thick, bristly, and waterproof, reaching up to two inches and is typically the color black.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
11 – 14 years

Energy Level:

Living Conditions:
Despite size, fine for apartments.

Above average.

Exercise Needs:
Long daily walk or jog. Occasional chance to romp in a park.

Breed Group:


27 – 29 inches

85 – 140 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:

National breed club:
The Black Russian Terrier Club of America

Black Russian Terrier Skills

The Russian Red Army became the first to develop the Black Russian Terrier in order to help guard and patrol police and military buildings, penal colonies, and the like just after the second World War. The breed came about when the Russians crossed the Giant Schnauzer with the Rottweiler, the Moscow Retriever, and the Airedale, and other such breeds. Today, the Black Russian Terrier is rare although they can still be seen in dog shows across Europe. They were only admitted to the American Kennel Club two years ago, in 2004.

Black Russian Terrier Personality

The Black Russian Terrier is a smart, intelligent breed that makes for an excellent guard or watch dog. Despite these capabilities and skills, the Black Russian Terrier is actually quite playful with children and adults and can be very protective as well. The breed is naturally suspicious with strangers and observant of its surroundings. The Black Russian Terrier is actually quite easy to house break and will get along with smaller-sized pets and dogs in the household. They will need a lot of human contact and will not be comfortable left outside or in a kennel for too long.

Exercise Needs

The Black Russian Terrier is a breed that loves to exercise. Long walks, runs, and romps in the park will always perk it up! If there is snow and water in the area, the Black Russian Terrier will not hesitate to jump in and enjoy itself.

Living Conditions

The Black Russian Terrier will be comfortable with apartment living despite their massive size; a small yard or a large yard makes no difference to them since they like to be very near their owner/family at all times and want a lot of contact with people. They will need to get enough exercise if they live in an apartment.

Grooming Requirements

Professional grooming will be necessary for the Black Russian Terrier, as its weatherproof coat consists of tight wavy hair. It will need to be trimmed at least twice during the year and its coat needs to be brushed at least once a week. The Black Russian Terrier will not shed a lot if the coat is regularly brushed.

Health Issues

The Black Russian Terrier is prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. The ears, if not regularly checked, may be susceptible to otitis.

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Black Russian Terrier


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