The Belgian Tervuren!

The Belgian Tervuren was named after a village in Belgium where it was originally developed. It was one of four types that were once collectively known as the Belgian sheepdog breed. The other three are the Groenendael (the one that is now widely referred to as the Belgian sheepdog), the Malinois, and the Laekenois. The Belgian Tervuren is evenly proportioned, with a moderately brawny built and smooth gait. It has small dim eyes, a somewhat pointy muzzle, an even or scissors bite, and upright triangular ears.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
10-12 years

Energy Level:

Living Conditions:
Quite flexible with sufficient exercise.


Exercise Needs:
Daily 30 minute walk. Formal training for mental stimulation.

Breed Group:


22 to 26 inches

60-75 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Fawn-mahogany color, sometimes with gray hues.

National breed club:
American Belgian Tervuren Club

Belgian Tervuren Skills

The Belgian Tervuren is a skilled herder, an ability that traces back to its development in the 1800s. It has become popular as a companion dog, though it is known for its ability to take on police work, particularly the detection of gas, drugs, and bombs, and search & rescue efforts. It is also valued for its skill as an assistance dog or therapy dog, as well as its aptitude in tracking, obedience, agility, and even sledding.

Belgian Tervuren Personality

This hardworking dog is also a lively and loyal companion, as long as it is exercised regularly, both mentally and physically. Though it is well behaved in the home, it does like to run and have fun outdoors. It is quite biddable, yet self-governing at times. The Tervuren must have early socialization with other dogs and other pets to be able to live harmoniously with them. It may try to herd children by nipping at their heels, and is often believed to be suitable only for practiced dog owners.

Exercise Needs

Although herding is still the ideal physical challenge for this breed, long walks and energizing play sessions will do the trick. Regular mental exercise is also necessary for the Tervuren, and owners will do good to give it a consistent formal training, such as agility and obedience classes.

Living Conditions

This breed does best as a housedog that has access to a yard, though it may be made to live outdoors in moderate to breezy conditions. It can also do well in an apartment, as long as it gets enough exercise.

Grooming Requirements

The Tervuren’s coat must be brushed or combed two times a week or more, especially when it sheds.

Health Issues

Though it tends to be a resilient, healthy breed, the Tervuren may be susceptible to hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and skin allergies.

If you liked this dog… might also like any of the other three Belgian sheepdog strains, which are essentially the same except for outer appearance. Another possible choice would be the diligent and obedient Polish Lowland sheepdog.

Belgian Tervuren


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