The Belgian Malinois!

The Belgian Malinois was once considered a part of the Belgian Sheepdog breed, until it was recognized as a separate type in America in 1959. It was named after Malines, Belgium, where it was developed. The most obvious difference between the four Belgian sheepdog breeds is their coat type and standard colors. The Belgian Malinois’s height is often evenly proportioned to its length, and it is known to carry itself quite proudly, with its high head, muscular built, and flowing gait. It has little dim eyes, upright ears, a narrow muzzle, and an even or scissors bite.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
12-14 years

Energy Level:
Very active..

Living Conditions:
Flexible, but prefers cool weather.


Exercise Needs:
Needs significant time unleashed in secure area.

Breed Group:


22 to 26 inches

50 to 65 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Fawn and mahogany combination, with dark markings.

National breed club:
American Belgian Malinois Club

Belgian Malinois Skills

Along with the other Belgian sheepdog breeds, the Belgian Malinois was earlier used as an all-around herder and watchdog in Belgium. Nowadays, this breed is well preferred for its ability as police dog, some having been trained to assist in bomb detection, narcotics detection, as well as search & rescue operations. It also proves able in tracking, obedience, protection, herding, and agility.

Belgian Malinois Personality

This is quite a dynamic breed, as it is very attentive, active, obedient, and intelligent. It is usually reserved with strangers, and its haughty nature makes it unfriendly towards other pets and dogs. Though the Belgian Malinois tends to run around in enclosed areas, it remains a trustworthy dog that’s defending of its owners and territory. Have this breed formally trained and socialized early on to prevent unwanted mishaps with its future interactions.

Exercise Needs

This breed needs to be very active, and will need to be unleashed in a secure area to be able to meet its exercise requirement. Owners must take it outside to jog or play. A herding job would also be ideal for the Malinois.

Living Conditions

The Malinois is an amenable housedog that is adaptable to any climate, but prefers cool weather. This breed enjoys spending time with its human family, and does well to have access to the home if it sleeps outdoors. A medium-sized yard caters well to this breed’s activity level.

Grooming Requirements

This breed needs regular brushing, and only infrequent bathing, as regular baths may affect the coat’s resistance to water. A little more brushing is needed for when it sheds coat.

Health Issues

The Malinois is a fairly healthy breed, though some possible concerns include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye ailments, and skin hypersensitivity.

If you liked this dog…

Those who like the Belgian Malinois might also like the other Belgian sheepdog breeds, as they remain quite similar in temperament and biological requirements. Another possible option is the Australian Cattle dog, also an intelligent and active breed that has a good aptitude for performing tricks.

Belgian Malinois


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