The Belgian Laekenois!

The rarest of the four Belgian Shepherd dogs, the Belgian Laekenois is a sturdy, well-proportioned medium-sized dog with a rough wire coat that easily distinguishes it. This breed was actually used as army dogs in the World Wars. The ears of the Belgian Laekenois are small, triangular, and set high on the head. The eyes are brown, average in size and slightly almond-shaped while the muzzle is of equal length to the topskull and somewhat pointed. The nose is black and the tail is very long.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
12 to 14 years

Energy Level:

Living Conditions:
Apartment is fine but needs yard. Cooler climates preferred.


Exercise Needs:
Active outdoor life that is safe but unleashed.

Breed Group:


22-26 inches

50– 65 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Brown, fawn, mahogany, other red and gray tones.

National breed club:
The American Belgian Laekenois Association

Belgian Laekenois Skills

The Belgian Laekenois breed is considered the oldest breed among the four Belgian Shepherd dogs. It originated from Belgium and was originally used for herding, a skill that it still makes use of today. Its name is derived from the Castle Laeken of Belgium where the royal family first took notice of it and eventually became the favorite of the Queen. During the World Wars, Belgian Laekenois breeds were very much in use as army dogs; this contributed to its near-extinction at one time. It is a great breed for a protector and needs to be trained and kept occupied as much as possible.

Belgian Laekenois Personality

A Belgian Laekenois is extremely loyal to their family. Hearty and intelligent, the Belgian Laekenois also makes for an excellent sheepdog and therefore has talent in being vigilant. It is not a dog, however, that is meant to be left outside for long intervals by itself.; it is still a great housepet although quite demanding. The Belgian Laekenois is also a great companion for children if they have been introduced to them well enough.

Exercise Needs

Because the Belgian Laekenois is accustomed to work, it is recommended that an active outdoor life be pursued regularly. If there are safe areas near your place, make sure that the Belgian Laekenois gets its exercise unleashed as much as possible.

Living Conditions

An apartment will do so long as there is a yard for the Belgian Lakenois to play in; indoors, the dog will not be active. Although he is best suited to cooler atmospheres, the Belgian Laekenois can adapt to different environments.

Grooming Requirements

The rough coat of the Belgian Laekenois will need the occasional light trim at least twice every year. Do not close-trim its coat, as that will effectively ruin it for some time. Use a coarse-tooth comb when grooming the Belgian Laekenois's coat. Do not bathe the dog regularly for it lessens the coat's waterproofing.

Health Issues

Although the Belgian Laekenois is known as a healthy breed, owners and breeders need to watch out for minor issues such as hip and elbow dysplasia and skin and eye irritation.

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Belgian Laekenois


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