The Bedlington Terrier!

The Bedlington Terrier is one breed that looks more like a lamb than a dog; its coat and head are similar to that of a sheep. It has feet similar to a hare’s, straight forelegs, and a pointy tail. It has a bouncy pace that is apparent when it walks slowly. Despite its tame and diminutive appearance, this breed is known for its ability to take on small but strong quarry in the hunt. Its overall look makes it stand out in the show ring.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
12-14 years

Energy Level:

Living Conditions:
Fine for apartments.


Exercise Needs:
Moderate walk or extended jog.

Breed Group:


15 to 17 inches

18 to 23 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Lliver, blue, or a sandy color. Sometimes with tan markings.

National breed club:
Bedlington Terrier Club of America

Bedlington Terrier Skills

This breed was a prized hunter of fox, badger, and hare, among others, as well as retriever in 19th century England. It was also developed as a hunter of vermin, and once used as fighting dog by Bedlington miners. These days, Bedlington terriers make good house pets and watchdogs. They’re also known to do well in earth dog trials.

Bedlington Terrier Personality

This playful, cheery, devoted, and affectionate breed makes a great companion. It behaves well with children and around strangers, though may need to get properly acquainted with other pets early on to live harmoniously with them. It is not one to start a fight, but it proves to be a terrifying fighter when provoked. It does okay with other dogs that tend to be calm or submissive, rather than domineering. Be sure to keep it leashed in open areas, as it tends to chase and be quite fast on its feet.

Exercise Needs

The Bedlington needs a considerable amount of exercise to keep it motivated, happy, and well behaved. A daily, extended walk or moderate jog is sufficient to meet its fitness needs.

Living Conditions

The Bedlington terrier should live indoors, although it must be taken outside for its exercise needs. It is a good apartment dog, while its indoor activity is moderate. It can do well without a yard, although will need to be brought to a secure area to run off leash.

Grooming Requirements

The Bedlington terrier’s coat needs twice weekly combing to remove falling hair, as well as bimonthly clipping to maintain its shape. Occasional bathing will clean it good without making the coat limp. Those entering the show ring will need more thorough grooming.

Health Issues

This breed may be susceptible to liver, kidney, and thyroid problems, as well as eye ailments.

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Bedlington Terrier


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