The Beauceron!

The Beauceron is the largest sheepdog breed of France. It is also called the French Shorthaired Shepherd, Beauce Shepherd, Berger de Beauce, and Bas Rouge. Highly versatile, it can adapt to any tasks given them, making it an ideal pet and working dog. It has a coarse and dense outercoat and an undercoat that is also dense. Its coat is a bicolor black and tan. Eyes: horizontal, set well apart, large, slightly oval, dark brown. Its straight ears are set high and its nose, black and slightly convex towards the end. The dewclaw on its hind legs gives it a distinctive characteristic.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
10-12 years

Energy Level:

Living Conditions:
If indoors, needs large space. Also needs an outdoor area to run.


Exercise Needs:
Outdoor activities that challenge intellect.

Breed Group:


24-28 inches

65 to 110 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Black and tan and other colors like tawny, grey or grayish black.

National breed club:
American Beauceron Club

Beauceron Skills

Originated in France for herding and hunting down wild boars in France. Its place of origin was Brie but the name Beauce was picked because another dog breed already claimed the name Briard. In war times, they were also employed as messengers, carriers of supplies, and detectors of mine during war times. These days, some Beaucerons are used as police dogs.

Beauceron Personality

Its intelligence, vigilance, patience, courage and energy make it perfect for herding. It can learn quickly, understand easily, and act fast. The Beauceron is highly loyal, very protective of and eager to please its masters, particularly children. With other animals like cats, especially when introduced at an early age, it can get along fine. However, it is highly territorial. As an intelligent and athletic breed, the Beauceron is compatible with a dominant owner.

Exercise Needs

This hardworking pet requires a lot of outdoor exercise. Actually, as a working dog, the Beauceron will appreciate a task that will demand its intelligence and hardworking attitude.

Living Conditions

The Beauceron is most happy and suitable in the outdoor where it can perform its herding or active life, and therefore will not be happy living in a kennel or cramped apartment. However, an outdoor space sufficient for some running and walking will suffice.

Grooming Requirements

Minimal grooming as they are average shedders.

Health Issues

The Beauceron is generally healthy and resilient to sicknesses. However it can be prone to hip dysplasia, like other big breeds.

If you liked this dog…

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