The Bearded Collie!

The Bearded Collie or Beardie is shaggy-coated all over, and even has hair under its chin, which explains the name. It has a short muzzle, a broad skull, and large teeth. It carries its long tail down low and wags it high when its excited. This breed developed from the Polish Lowland Sheepdog. Some lines of this breed are known for their coat that fades in the first year from birth then turns back to the color that’s almost as dark as the color they’re born with.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
12-14 years

Energy Level:
Higher than average.

Living Conditions:
Good farm dog. Needs wide open spaces to run.

Above average.

Exercise Needs:
Brisk walk, run or yard play.

Breed Group:


20 to 22 inches

40 to 60 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Blue, brown, fawn or black

National breed club:
Bearded Collie Club of America

Bearded Collie Skills

Around the 18th century, the breed was used to drive cattle and herd sheep. It then slowly gained popularity in the show ring after the Victorian period, though became strictly work dog again after the First World War. The Bearded Collie eventually found its way to England and America, where it became a favored show dog, and better trained for herding trials, though it still remains a skilled herding dog.

Bearded Collie Personality

The Beardie is a feisty, enthusiastic breed, that is also funny, intelligent, biddable, and yet a little independent. It is an ideal pet for children who can keep up with its boisterous ways. It is highly trainable, though it must not be left by itself with nothing to do, as it needs a lot of human interaction, as well as consistent training to improve its obedience. This breed will also try to round up people and other animals by nipping at their heels.

Exercise Needs

This breed will be happy and well exercised with a herding job. Otherwise, it needs a good daily workout, possibly a rotation between extended walks, boisterous play sessions, and brisk jogging trips.

Living Conditions

The Bearded Collie prefers to live outdoors in temperate to cool climates, as it is amenable to going out in any weather condition. It does well as a farm dog, since it does not like to be tied down all the time and needs an open area for running off leash. However, as a pet, it will also need to spend time indoors with its owners.

Grooming Requirements

The Beardie’s coat tends to mat or get tangled, thus thorough daily or at least thrice-weekly brushing (more when shedding) is essential. Note that the tangles are easier to smooth out when damp. The undercoat should be checked regularly for ticks.

Health Issues

Bearded Collies are healthy in general, though hip dysplasia, cataracts and epilepsy have been observed previously in this breed.

If you liked this dog…

The Shetland sheepdog, also a herding dog of Scotland, is just as loyal and affectionate to its owners as the Bearded Collie. This smaller breed is also highly trainable, though a better watchdog than the Beardie.

Bearded Collie


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