The Azawakh!

A sighthound, the Awazakh is known to be an elegant-looking dog, long, lean, and rangy, giving the impression of great ability and nobility. The Azawakh is high-stationed, meaning that he is taller than he is long, with a figure suited toward swiftness and agility when running. Its length is 90 percent of its height and its chest is 40 percent at withers. The Azawakh has a long, graceful neck and holds its tail high with pride when excited; their coat is smooth and short, with colors ranging from browns, mauves, sables, blacks, blues, and grays. The coat and the tail both have a white tip.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
12 to 15 years

Energy Level:

Living Conditions:
Apartment is fine; provided there is a small yard.

Above average in guard situations.

Exercise Needs:
30 minutes of interactive exercise. Daily walk.

Breed Group:


23-29 inches

35-55 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
White, red, black, blue, parti-color, and all the brown shades.

National breed club:
American Azawakh Association

Azawakh Skills

The Azawakh hails originally from Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso and raised in the Sahel region of the Sahara desert. They were the guardians and hunters of the Tuareg and other such tribes in that area. During the 1970s, Dr. Picar imported the breed to Yugoslavia and first arrived in the United States a decade later. Today, they are still known to be great dogs for guarding and companionship.

Azawakh Personality

It should be noted that Azawakhs can differ with regard to breeding and background, although there are still characteristics that bind them together as a breed. Should the Azawakh be approached on personal territory, he can get very vocal; in other situations that do not require guard, he will appear curious and friendly. To those the Azawakh knows well, he will be affectionate and gentle.

Exercise Needs

The Azawakh is a highly-active sighthound. They should have a yard that is large enough for them to run and play in. Interaction with their owners and other dogs is a must, as they cannot expect to do exercises by themselves. The Azawakh needs at least half an hour of daily exercise.

Living Conditions

An apartment with a medium-sized yard can be considered a good enough home for the Azawakh; what's important is that he must get enough exercise.

Grooming Requirements

Grooming an Azawakh is relatively simple. Because of its short coat hair, you will need only a hound glove to keep it shiny and clean. They do not shed. Azawakhs do not need frequent baths, as they have no dog odor. Teeth brushing is only required if they do not have bones to chew upon and if they are not fed an all-natural diet. Ear infections are not particularly worrisome although they can occur. Clip the Azawakh's nails regularly.

Health Issues

The Azawakh has several issues that need to be covered. Seizures, hypothyroidism, and common skin diseases such as Demodectic Mange (skin irritation) need to be protected against. Breeders should test for as many diseases possible.

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