The American Foxhound!

The American foxhound is a large hound developed to be lighter, faster, and taller than its English equivalent, and it is also known to have a stronger sense of smell. It has long and straight front legs, a long, large head with broad, hanging ears, hazel or brown eyes, and an upward-curving tail. The breed is known to have bounding ability, great endurance and speed, as well as eagerness to pursue quarry as part of a pack. The breed can be further divided into show hounds, pack hounds, and field trial hounds.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
10-13 years

Energy Level:

Living Conditions:
Great for apartment and indoor living.

Above average.

Exercise Needs:
Daily jogging or walk. Free run only in secure areas.

Breed Group:


21 and 25 inches

60 to 75 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Large variety of combinations.

National breed club:
The American Foxhound Club

American Foxhound Skills

The American foxhound’s origins can be traced back to the year 1650, when hounds trained for chasing fox were first brought in from England, though the modern breed is believed to have originated from the combination of the French and English hounds. The breed is well known for its reliable hunting ability, whether on its own or in a pack, and its capacity to keep running for extended periods. It was since developed and preferred for its speed, stamina, and superb sense of smell. Still quite talented in the fields of tracking, hunting, and agility, the American foxhound is also an excellent watchdog, though it is rarely favored as a family pet.

American Foxhound Personality

The American foxhound is a superior hunter that behaves quite well at home, even if it can be tough to housebreak. Though not very affectionate, this gentle breed is good with children and other dogs. It should not be left with other pets, however, and it may or may not be friendly with strangers.

Exercise Needs

A very active breed, the American foxhound needs daily walks and jogging trips to keep it from becoming too restless and even vicious. Running unleashed should only be allowed in a secure and safe location.

Living Conditions

The American foxhound may not do well in an apartment setting, as it tends to be very lively when indoors. Access to a spacious and secure lawn is also essential for this pet, since it likes to run a lot and follow scents. Because of its considerable size, the foxhound is usually made to live outdoors under temperate weather conditions, with beddings and a warm shelter.

Grooming Requirements

The American foxhound’s short and smooth coat is quite easy to maintain. It only needs occasional brushing and shampooing, mostly to remove dead hair and neaten the coat when it sheds.

Health Issues

Overall, the American foxhound is a healthy breed, though cases of thrombocytopathy have been reported. Blood testing is recommended to determine if the dog has the symptoms.

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