The American Eskimo!

A member of the Spitz family, the American Eskimo has been bred into three different varieties—toy, miniature and standard. The “Eskie” as it is affectionately called has a head shaped like a wedge, with a perfectly proportioned muzzle and skull. The American Eskimo are intelligent dogs, with their erect triangular ears adding to their alert and energetic expression. They have a thick coat topcoat, which grows up and through the soft undercoat. This creates a ruffed appearance that is particularly prominent around the neck.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
9-11 years

Energy Level:

Living Conditions:
Indoor with yard for play

Exercise Needs:
Daily 20 minute walk and yard play.

Breed Group:

Toy - Small
Miniature - Small
Standard - Medium-Small

Toy – 9 to 12 inches
Miniature - 12 to 15 inches
Standard - 15 to 19 inches

Toy – 6 to 10 pounds
Miniature - 10 to 19 pounds
Standard - 18 to 35 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
White, or white with cream or biscuit marks.

National breed club:
The American Eskimo Dog Club of America

American Eskimo Skills

Despite its name, the Eskie was never actually used by American Eskimos—the term was said to have been derived from the name of the kennel that first brought the breed into the United States, approximately in 1913. Their intelligence, obedience, playfulness and charming personality made them perfect “trick dogs”. They were part of the acts of the Barnum and Bailey Circus (who were, in fact, responsible for spreading the breed throughout the United States). In fact, the Eskie Pal Pierre was the first dog to walk the tightrope. Today, the American Eskimo continue to be favorite performance dogs, and do very well in dog shows. Their keen sense of smell has also made them candidates for training for narcotics detection.

American Eskimo Personality

The Eskie is one of the best dogs for children. They are affectionate, playful, charming, and loving. The shape of their eyes and mouth seem to give them an appearance of smiling. The American Eskimo are fiercely loyal and protective, with accounts of some dogs refusing to allow a guest to enter a house without their owner’s signal of approval. They are also very obedient, and consistently get high rankings in obedience trials. Some Eskies have a nervous streak, and can become wary of strangers. This trait becomes worse if they are maltreated as puppies, so use firm but gentle training methods. Because of their love for attention, the American Eskimo needs very affectionate owners; without enough petting and playing, they can become depressed and aggressive.

Exercise Needs

The American Eskimo is a very active dog that loves walks and should be given space to run in, at least, a small yard.

Living Conditions

The Eskie can live comfortably in an apartment but needs adequate exercise. Ideally it should have a small yard.

Grooming Requirements

The American Eskimo needs two good brushings a week, using a firm bristle brush. Increase this to daily brushings when it is shedding.

Health Issues

The Eskie has minimal health problems. Owners must simply take extra care of its eyes and tear ducts, and maintain good grooming to prevent skin dermatitis.

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The American Eskimo


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