The Very Best Gifts You Can Buy For Your Dog

We've compiled what we believe to be the 10 best gifts you can buy your "well maintained" (we refuse to use the word spoiled!) furred friend this holiday season!  While some of these gifts are practical, others are purely luxurious. We hope you enjoy browsing this list and doing a bit of shopping for you and your pup!

10. Brad's Big Bully Dog Leads These heavy duty leather leads are beautifully crafted and will truly stand up to the heaviest of use!  When Brad was 12 he started designing multi-function leather leashes.  His models include a tandem walking lead as well as our personal favorite a 1" traffic lead combo set - Lucian loves his!  Prices range from $14.95 - $45.95.  A portion of all proceeds go to programs that benefit autistic kids.  

9. Big Shrimpy Dog Beds:  Big Shrimpy dog beds are water resistant and come in a huge variety of colors, shapes and sizes!  These beds are filled with 100% recycled fibers and are extremely washable!  The outer cover, inner cushion and even the "smartfill" (the cushiony fiber inside the beds) can all be put in your washing machine!  We stand by Big Shrimpy's goal of producing products that are made with the least amount of waste possible.  These beds are amazingly comfy and you're making an environmentally sound decision at the same time. Tons of colors to go with any decor! Prices range from $99 -$219 online.

8. MannersMinder Remote Reward Dog Training System The "Treat and Train" was a device manufactured by The Sharper Image a few years ago that has now been discontinued.  The MannersMinder is Premier's version of this device and has been receiving rave reviews much like its predecessor.  This little machine allows you to give your dog a treat via remote control from up to 100 feet away.  You can also set a timer to dispense treats at different intervals, allowing reinforcement of crate training or other behaviors.  The MannersMinder comes with a DVD explaining how to get the most out of it and sells for $150 online

7. Kong Time:  Another fancy toy for the pup that has everything!  The Kong Time is a battery powered machine that dispenses 4 treat stuffed Kongs at various rates that are set with a few simple pushes of buttons!   As the website touts, it is "Doggie daycare in a box!"  The Kong Time is a great way to keep your dog from becoming bored on those days when you know you won't be able to make it home right away.  A tone sounds, letting your dog know another Kong is on the way!  Both of my dogs come running when they hear that noise these days!   The Kong Time retails for $75 online 

6. Planet Dog Orbee Balls: We've been a huge fan of these toys for many years! Orbee balls are soft on your dog's teeth and gums yet amazingly durable, standing up to even the most diligent of chewers (I should know! I have two of them in my house!). Orbee's are all imprinted with a map of the world and are mint scented as well. They are made of 100% recyclable compound and the ingredients are all non-toxic. Prices range from $7 - $14 depending on the size of the toy.

5. Blocky Dog Collars: Do you have a heavy duty dog? If so a Blocky Dog Collar may be the perfect accessory for him or her! Blocky Dog Collars are made of heavy duty nylon and are custom designed with every order! No two collars are the same unless you order them that way! Every color you could imagine appears on the Blocky Dog webpage and you can have your dog’s name embroidered on the collar in a wide assortment of fonts. Prices start at $22 but range into the $40’s for more elaborate designs and embroidering.

4. RuffWear Cloud Chaser Soft Shell Jacket – RuffWear is made for dogs who really love the outdoors! This stylish jacket is not only warm, but it’s waterproof and windproof as well! It is machine washable and comes in an assortment of sizes ranging from 12” to 48” $75.00 on the RuffWear website.

3.RuffRider Roadie LX Dog Safety Harness: RuffRider Dog Safety Harnesses are the best canine seatbelts out there! The LX is lined with soft sheepskin for your dogs’ comfort and it attaches to any standard vehicle seatbelt system. Make sure your pup stays safe this holiday season while traveling! (If you purchase a RuffRider harness for a puppy under a year of age and he or she outgrows it within the year, return the harness in good condition and get 20% off your next purchase!) $60 – available on the RuffRider website.

2. A trip to Camp Dogwood: Camp Dogwood is located outside Chicago, IL and offers every dog related activity you could ever dream of! All of this in a setting designed to increase the bond between dogs and their human companions. The camp offers workshops in flyball, agility, dock diving, treat making, dog fur spinning, trick training, dog massage, emergency care and many many more! If you enjoyed camp as a kid, but couldn’t dream of leaving your dogs at home, Camp Dogwood may be the place for you! Prices vary according to lodging choices. Check the website for more information.

1. A Weekend at a Kimpton Hotel: If you and your pooch really want to live it up, make a weekend getaway to one of the many exceptionally pet friendly Kimpton hotels! Not only do they tolerate pooches of all sizes, they love them! The group of Kimpton hotels provides dog walking services, pet food, chew toys and even grooming and pet massage! Some of the hotels list “pet packages” with special amenities so you and your pup can make the most out of your time away from home. Each one of the Kimpton hotels is unique and their love of animals shines through as soon as you check in! (They even provide pet insurance to their employees animals!) Prices vary according to date and location


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